Cyclops Tensor Framework
parallel arithmetic on multidimensional arrays
topology.h File Reference
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Data Structures

class  CTF_int::topology




enum  CTF_int::TOPOLOGY {


topology * CTF_int::get_phys_topo (CommData glb_comm, TOPOLOGY mach)
 get dimension and torus lengths of specified topology More...
std::vector< topology * > CTF_int::get_generic_topovec (CommData cdt)
 computes all topology configurations given undelying physical topology information More...
std::vector< topology * > CTF_int::peel_perm_torus (topology *phys_topology, CommData cdt)
 folds specified topology and all of its permutations into all configurations of lesser dimensionality More...
std::vector< topology * > CTF_int::peel_torus (topology const *topo, CommData glb_comm)
 folds specified topology into all configurations of lesser dimensionality More...
int CTF_int::find_topology (topology const *topo, std::vector< topology * > &topovec)
 searches for an equivalent topology in avector of topologies More...
int CTF_int::get_best_topo (int64_t nvirt, int topo, CommData global_comm, int64_t bcomm_vol=0, int64_t bmemuse=0)
 get the best topologoes (least nvirt) over all procs More...
void CTF_int::extract_free_comms (topology const *topo, int order_A, mapping const *edge_map_A, int order_B, mapping const *edge_map_B, int &num_sub_phys_dims, CommData **psub_phys_comm, int **pcomm_idx)
 extracts the set of physical dimensions still available for mapping More...
int CTF_int::can_morph (topology const *topo_keep, topology const *topo_change)
 determines if two topologies are compatible with each other More...
void CTF_int::morph_topo (topology const *new_topo, topology const *old_topo, int order, mapping *edge_map)
 morphs a tensor topology into another More...