Cyclops Tensor Framework
parallel arithmetic on multidimensional arrays
CTF_int::topology Class Reference

#include <topology.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ~topology ()
 topology (topology const &other)
 copy constructor More...
 topology (int order_, int const *lens_, CommData cdt, bool activate=false)
 constructs torus topology More...
void activate ()
void deactivate ()

Data Fields

int order
int * lens
int * lda
bool is_activated
CommData glb_comm

Detailed Description

Definition at line 14 of file topology.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CTF_int::topology::~topology ( )

Definition at line 21 of file topology.cxx.

References CTF_int::cdealloc(), deactivate(), dim_comm, lda, and lens.

CTF_int::topology::topology ( topology const &  other)

copy constructor

[in]othertopology to copy

Definition at line 28 of file topology.cxx.

References CTF_int::alloc(), dim_comm, is_activated, lda, lens, and order.

Referenced by CTF_int::get_all_topos(), CTF_int::get_generic_topovec(), CTF_int::get_phys_topo(), CTF_int::peel_perm_torus(), and CTF_int::peel_torus().

CTF_int::topology::topology ( int  order_,
int const *  lens_,
CommData  cdt,
bool  activate = false 

constructs torus topology

[in]order_number of torus dimensions
[in]lens_lengths of torus dimensions
[in]cdtcommunicator for whole torus
[in]activatewhether to create MPI_Comms

Definition at line 45 of file topology.cxx.

References activate(), CTF_int::alloc(), dim_comm, glb_comm, is_activated, lda, lens, order, CTF_int::CommData::rank, and ctf.core::rank().

Member Function Documentation

void CTF_int::topology::activate ( )
void CTF_int::topology::deactivate ( )

Field Documentation

CommData CTF_int::topology::glb_comm

Definition at line 21 of file topology.h.

Referenced by activate(), and topology().

bool CTF_int::topology::is_activated

Definition at line 19 of file topology.h.

Referenced by activate(), deactivate(), and topology().

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