Cyclops Tensor Framework
parallel arithmetic on multidimensional arrays
algstrct.cxx File Reference
#include "../shared/util.h"
#include "../shared/blas_symbs.h"
#include "untyped_tensor.h"
#include "algstrct.h"
#include "../sparse_formats/csr.h"
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Data Structures

struct  CTF_int::CompPair< l >
struct  CTF_int::IntPair
struct  CTF_int::ShortPair
struct  CTF_int::BoolPair
struct  CTF_int::CompPtrPair




void CTF_int::depin (algstrct const *sr, int order, int const *lens, int const *divisor, int nvirt, int const *virt_dim, int const *phys_rank, char *X, int64_t &new_nnz_B, int64_t *nnz_blk, char *&new_B, bool check_padding)
 depins keys of n pairs More...


LinModel< 3 > CTF_int::csrred_mdl (csrred_mdl_init,"csrred_mdl")
LinModel< 3 > CTF_int::csrred_mdl_cst (csrred_mdl_cst_init,"csrred_mdl_cst")