Cyclops Tensor Framework
parallel arithmetic on multidimensional arrays
CTF_int::CompPair< l > Struct Template Reference

Public Member Functions

bool operator< (const CompPair &other) const

Data Fields

int64_t key
char data [l]

Detailed Description

template<int l>
struct CTF_int::CompPair< l >

Definition at line 16 of file algstrct.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

template<int l>
bool CTF_int::CompPair< l >::operator< ( const CompPair< l > &  other) const

Definition at line 19 of file algstrct.cxx.

References CTF_int::CompPair< l >::key.

Field Documentation

template<int l>
char CTF_int::CompPair< l >::data[l]

Definition at line 18 of file algstrct.cxx.

template<int l>
int64_t CTF_int::CompPair< l >::key

Definition at line 17 of file algstrct.cxx.

Referenced by CTF_int::CompPair< l >::operator<().

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