Cyclops Tensor Framework
parallel arithmetic on multidimensional arrays
neural_network.cxx File Reference
#include <ctf.hpp>
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void fold_unfold (Tensor<> &X, Tensor<> &Y)
 folds a tensor X into tensor Y assuming the lexicographical ordering of elements in both tensors is the same but the order is different More...
int neural (int n, int m, int d, double sp, World &dw)
 computes a neural network iteration for tensor n*n*m tensor X whose sparsity fraction is sp. Filter W is d*d*m and dense. Y_ij = sum_{k=1}^m sum_{a=1}^d sum_{b=1}^d X_{i+a % n, j+b % n, k} * W_{abk} this algorithm assumes n = 0 (mod d) More...
char * getCmdOption (char **begin, char **end, const std::string &option)
int main (int argc, char **argv)