Cyclops Tensor Framework
parallel arithmetic on multidimensional arrays
CTF_LAPACK Namespace Reference


void cdgelsd (int m, int n, int k, double const *A, int lda_A, double *B, int lda_B, double *S, double cond, int *rank, double *work, int lwork, int *iwork, int *info)
void cdgeqrf (int M, int N, double *A, int LDA, double *TAU2, double *WORK, int LWORK, int *INFO)
void cdormqr (char SIDE, char TRANS, int M, int N, int K, double const *A, int LDA, double const *TAU2, double *C, int LDC, double *WORK, int LWORK, int *INFO)

Function Documentation

void CTF_LAPACK::cdgelsd ( int  m,
int  n,
int  k,
double const *  A,
int  lda_A,
double *  B,
int  lda_B,
double *  S,
double  cond,
int *  rank,
double *  work,
int  lwork,
int *  iwork,
int *  info 

Definition at line 58 of file lapack_symbs.cxx.

References DGELSD.

Referenced by CTF_int::cdgelsd().

void CTF_LAPACK::cdgeqrf ( int  M,
int  N,
double *  A,
int  LDA,
double *  TAU2,
double *  WORK,
int  LWORK,
int *  INFO 

Definition at line 66 of file lapack_symbs.cxx.

References DGEQRF.

Referenced by CTF_int::cdgeqrf().

void CTF_LAPACK::cdormqr ( char  SIDE,
char  TRANS,
int  M,
int  N,
int  K,
double const *  A,
int  LDA,
double const *  TAU2,
double *  C,
int  LDC,
double *  WORK,
int  LWORK,
int *  INFO 

Definition at line 74 of file lapack_symbs.cxx.

References DORMQR.

Referenced by CTF_int::cdormqr().