Cyclops Tensor Framework
parallel arithmetic on multidimensional arrays
model.cxx File Reference
#include "../shared/lapack_symbs.h"
#include "../shared/blas_symbs.h"
#include "model.h"
#include "../shared/util.h"
#include <iomanip>
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Data Structures

struct  CTF_int::time_param< nparam >




#define SPLINE_CHUNK_SZ   = 8
#define REG_LAMBDA   1.E6


std::vector< Model * > & CTF_int::get_all_models ()
void CTF_int::update_all_models (MPI_Comm comm)
void CTF_int::print_all_models ()
void CTF_int::load_all_models (std::string file_name)
void CTF_int::write_all_models (std::string file_name)
void CTF_int::dump_all_models (std::string path)
double CTF_int::cddot (int n, const double *dX, int incX, const double *dY, int incY)
void CTF_int::cdgeqrf (int const M, int const N, double *A, int const LDA, double *TAU2, double *WORK, int const LWORK, int *INFO)
void CTF_int::cdormqr (char SIDE, char TRANS, int M, int N, int K, double const *A, int LDA, double const *TAU2, double *C, int LDC, double *WORK, int LWORK, int *INFO)
void CTF_int::cdgelsd (int m, int n, int k, double const *A, int lda_A, double *B, int lda_B, double *S, double cond, int *rank, double *work, int lwork, int *iwork, int *info)
template<int nparam>
bool CTF_int::comp_time_param (const time_param< nparam > &a, const time_param< nparam > &b)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define REG_LAMBDA   1.E6

Definition at line 119 of file model.cxx.

Referenced by CTF_int::LinModel< nparam >::update().

#define SPLINE_CHUNK_SZ   = 8

Definition at line 58 of file model.cxx.