Cyclops Tensor Framework
parallel arithmetic on multidimensional arrays
mapping.h File Reference
#include "topology.h"
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Data Structures

class  CTF_int::mapping




enum  CTF_int::map_type { CTF_int::NOT_MAPPED, CTF_int::PHYSICAL_MAP, CTF_int::VIRTUAL_MAP }


int CTF_int::comp_dim_map (mapping const *map_A, mapping const *map_B)
 compares two mappings More...
void CTF_int::copy_mapping (int order, mapping const *mapping_A, mapping *mapping_B)
 copies mapping A to B More...
int CTF_int::copy_mapping (int order_A, int order_B, int const *idx_A, mapping const *mapping_A, int const *idx_B, mapping *mapping_B, int make_virt=1)
 copies mapping A to B More...
int CTF_int::map_tensor (int num_phys_dims, int tsr_order, int const *tsr_edge_len, int const *tsr_sym_table, int *restricted, CommData *phys_comm, int const *comm_idx, int fill, mapping *tsr_edge_map)
 map a tensor More...
int CTF_int::check_self_mapping (tensor const *tsr, int const *idx_map)
 checks mapping in preparation for tensors scale, summ or contract More...
int CTF_int::map_self_indices (tensor const *tsr, int const *idx_map)
 create virtual mapping for idx_maps that have repeating indices More...
int CTF_int::map_symtsr (int tsr_order, int const *tsr_sym_table, mapping *tsr_edge_map)
 adjust a mapping to maintan symmetry More...
int CTF_int::stretch_virt (int order, int stretch_factor, mapping *maps)
 stretch virtualization by a factor More...