Cyclops Tensor Framework
parallel arithmetic on multidimensional arrays
glb_cyclic_reshuffle.h File Reference
#include "../tensor/algstrct.h"
#include "../mapping/distribution.h"
#include "redist.h"
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void CTF_int::order_globally (int const *sym, distribution const &dist, int const *virt_edge_len, int const *virt_phase_lda, int64_t vbs, bool dir, char const *tsr_data_in, char *tsr_data_out, algstrct const *sr)
 reorder local buffer so that elements are in ordered according to where they are in the global tensor (interleave virtual blocks) More...
char * CTF_int::glb_cyclic_reshuffle (int const *sym, distribution const &old_dist, int const *old_offsets, int *const *old_permutation, distribution const &new_dist, int const *new_offsets, int *const *new_permutation, char **ptr_tsr_data, char **ptr_tsr_cyclic_data, algstrct const *sr, CommData ord_glb_comm, bool reuse_buffers, char const *alpha, char const *beta)
 Goes from any set of phases to any new set of phases. More...