Cyclops Tensor Framework
parallel arithmetic on multidimensional arrays
dgtog_redist.h File Reference
#include "dgtog_calc_cnt.h"
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double CTF_int::dgtog_est_time (int64_t tot_sz, int np)
 estimates execution time, given this processor sends a receives tot_sz across np procs More...
void CTF_int::dgtog_reshuffle (int const *sym, int const *edge_len, distribution const &old_dist, distribution const &new_dist, char **ptr_tsr_data, char **ptr_tsr_new_data, algstrct const *sr, CommData ord_glb_comm)
void CTF_int::redist_bucket_r0 (int *const *bucket_offset, int64_t *const *data_offset, int *const *ivmax_pre, int rep_phase0, int rep_idx0, int virt_dim0, bool data_to_buckets, char *__restrict__ data, char **__restrict__ buckets, int64_t *counts, algstrct const *sr, int64_t data_off, int bucket_off, int prev_idx)