Cyclops Tensor Framework
parallel arithmetic on multidimensional arrays
ctf_ext.h File Reference
#include "../include/ctf.hpp"
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template<typename dtype >
void CTF_int::abs_helper (tensor *A, tensor *B)
template<typename dtype >
void CTF_int::pow_helper (tensor *A, tensor *B, tensor *C, char const *idx_A, char const *idx_B, char const *idx_C)
template<typename dtype >
void CTF_int::all_helper (tensor *A, tensor *B_bool, char const *idx_A, char const *idx_B)
template<typename dtype >
void CTF_int::conj_helper (tensor *A, tensor *B)
template<typename dtype >
void CTF_int::get_real (tensor *A, tensor *B)
template<typename dtype >
void CTF_int::get_imag (tensor *A, tensor *B)
template<typename dtype >
void CTF_int::set_real (tensor *A, tensor *B)
template<typename dtype >
void CTF_int::set_imag (tensor *A, tensor *B)
template<typename dtype >
void CTF_int::any_helper (tensor *A, tensor *B_bool, char const *idx_A, char const *idx_B)
int64_t CTF_int::sum_bool_tsr (tensor *A)
 sum all 1 values in boolean tensor More...
void CTF_int::subsample (tensor *A, double probability)
 extract a sample of the entries (if sparse of the current nonzeros) More...
void CTF_int::matrix_svd (tensor *A, tensor *U, tensor *S, tensor *VT, int rank)
void CTF_int::matrix_svd_cmplx (tensor *A, tensor *U, tensor *S, tensor *VT, int rank)
void CTF_int::matrix_qr (tensor *A, tensor *Q, tensor *R)
void CTF_int::matrix_qr_cmplx (tensor *A, tensor *Q, tensor *R)
void CTF_int::conv_type (int type_idx1, int type_idx2, tensor *A, tensor *B)
 convert tensor from one type to another More...