Cyclops Tensor Framework
parallel arithmetic on multidimensional arrays

#include <ctr_comm.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void run (char *A, char *B, char *C)
virtual void print ()
virtual int64_t mem_fp ()
virtual int64_t mem_rec ()
virtual double est_time_fp (int nlyr)
virtual double est_time_rec (int nlyr)
virtual ctrclone ()
virtual ~ctr ()
 deallocates generic ctr object More...
 ctr (ctr *other)
 copies generic ctr object More...
 ctr (contraction const *c)
 main constructor, defines variable based on contraction class More...

Data Fields

algstrct const * sr_A
algstrct const * sr_B
algstrct const * sr_C
char const * beta
int num_lyr
int idx_lyr

Detailed Description

Definition at line 165 of file ctr_comm.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CTF_int::ctr::~ctr ( )

deallocates generic ctr object

Definition at line 40 of file ctr_comm.cxx.

CTF_int::ctr::ctr ( ctr other)

copies generic ctr object

Definition at line 31 of file ctr_comm.cxx.

References beta, idx_lyr, num_lyr, sr_A, sr_B, and sr_C.

CTF_int::ctr::ctr ( contraction const *  c)

main constructor, defines variable based on contraction class

Definition at line 22 of file ctr_comm.cxx.

References CTF_int::contraction::A, CTF_int::contraction::B, CTF_int::contraction::beta, CTF_int::contraction::C, and CTF_int::tensor::sr.

Member Function Documentation

virtual double CTF_int::ctr::est_time_fp ( int  nlyr)
virtual int64_t CTF_int::ctr::mem_fp ( )
virtual void CTF_int::ctr::run ( char *  A,
char *  B,
char *  C 

Field Documentation

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