ICES scores for CS 357: Numerical Methods, Spring 2017, Section N, Edgar Solomonik

3.7 (1-low, 5-high) 1. Rate the instructor's overall teaching effectiveness
3.9 (1-low, 5-high) 2. Rate the overall quality of this course
4.3 (1-never clear, 5-always clear) 3. Statement of objectives and purposes throughout the course
3.6 (1-very poor, 5-excellent) 4. How would you characterize the instructor's ability to explain?
4.3 (1-no, seldom, 5-yes, always) 5. The instructor seemed well prepared for classes
4.1 (1-strongly disagree, 5-strongly agree) 6. The instructor promoted an atmosphere conductive to learning
3.9 (1-very poor, 5-excellent) 7. Rate your quality of interactions with TA's (if any)
4.5 (1-strongly disagree, 5-strongly agree) 8. Completing assignments/projects was a good use of my time and effort
4.1 (1-strongly disagree, 5-strongly agree) 9. Assignments were well-prepared, understandable, and mistake free
4.0 (1-no, almost never, 5-yes, always) 10. Were assignments/projects returned promptly?
4.4 (1-very unfair, 5-very fair) 11. The grading procedures for this course were:
3.6 (1-too easy, 5-overly demanding) 12. The course was (weights: 1,3,5,3,1):
3.5 (1-more than half, 5-none) 13. How many students do you think have cheated in any way in this class?
3.6 (1-much less, 5-much more) 14. Compared to other courses, how much did you learn in this course?
3.6 (1-no, not much, 5-yes, greatly) 15. Did this course increase your interest in the subject matter?
3.2 (1-strongly disagree, 5-strongly agree) 16. The required texts and other materials were effectively utilized in the course
4.9 (1-strongly disagree, 5-strongly agree) 17. The instructor was respectful of differing beliefs on race, religion, or politics
4.4 (1-strongly disagree, 5-strongly agree) 18. Grading procedures for the course were fair
4.3 (1-strongly disagree, 5-strongly agree) 19. The workload for the course was appropriate for the credit received
4.5 (1-strongly disagree, 5-strongly agree) 20. The instructor was accessible to students
3.6 (1-strongly disagree, 5-strongly agree) 21. The instructor explained material clearly